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Why Lancashire Crisps?

Lancashire – a proud food heritage in need of its own crisp
Lancashire has a strong food heritage – Lancashire Cheese, Lancashire Hot Pot, Bury Black Pudding, Formby Asparagus to name just a few. Yet Lancashire lacked a regional crisp, despite being the home nationally sought after potatoes grown on the fertile alluvial soils surrounding the West Lancashire market town. We decided to rectify the situation by creating Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps.

Original Lancashire Crisps made by an authentic Lancashire family
For over 50 years the our family have farmed the famed rich black soils of the Rufford and Lancashire plains, passing down potato growing expertise from father to son across three generations. The whole family are involved in making the crisps. Robert Fiddler is responsible for sowing and nurturing the potato plants, deciding when to harvest for the best flavour and texture. Only the highest grade of potatoes are selected for Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps, which are produced in state of the art kitchens purpose built on our farm.

John Fiddler looks after the transformation into genuine Lancashire Crisps. Each potato is carefully washed, peeled and hand fried in small batches. They are then married with three natural Lancashire flavours, Lancashire Cheese & Onion, Lancashire Sauce, Sea Salt and Lancashire Vinegar (made with Ellsey’s Malt Vinegar), or simply left in their purest form, just Sea Salt.


Before leaving the farm the crisps are packed in our purpose built facility. Each flavour is available in 40g bags and 150g bags.

True customer commitment
John Fiddler and his dedicated team are on hand to help with your queries, provide point of sale support and attend tastings. Counter displays and customer information is available.

There is no middleman (so we keep our prices competitive) and no sales targets or fancy sales tactics. We are just a hard working family who want to see customers enjoying crisps made from our own great tasting potatoes.

We are committed to fulfilling orders within 48 hours so you never need to run out of Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps.

To talk to one of the family and find out more about Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps call us on 01704 823 572 or email

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